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Moments. Moments are fleeting. It’s their nature to be. Capturing those even fewer moments of tranquility and utmost peace is a rare opportunity indeed. Travelling is a portion of my soul. If it weren’t for my health hindering me from doing  so, I would spend my days on the road of exploration and a quest to capture these serene moments.

My travelling has been limited to the common day train commute and so, I don’t have much time to find those moments of quietude and the ability to capture them in their prime. Yet, one evening, I found myself in an empty carriage – having taken a pre-rush hour train. As I sat there in solitude, I was witness to the transition from day to night through a quintessential sunset.

I take pleasure in the smallest – and perhaps most peculiar to some – things in life. With the chaos of life, I think we forget just what beauty can be beheld by our eyes. We often take nature and its versatility in beauty for granted. In fact, we sometimes don’t take note of our surroundings at all.

With my return to academia, I find it difficult not to be deep in melancholy from the stresses of inconsequential drama, the pressure to be perfect in all my produced pieces, and keeping up with the workload whilst weathering my CFS. And then a fleeting moment like this arrives. 

Whilst the nature moved, I did not. Time within that carriage stood still. The troubles that had bubbled during the day dissolved as my eyes watched this beautiful transition. Perhaps, it is peculiar that such a thing like this lifted me from my downhearted state. It was not a material gift but a spiritual one.

Though brief, being present for a moment like these has the most unlikely of effects. Being able to capture it is an ultimately more unusual.

So, I will leave you with this; Stop. Take a moment – no matter how small – to stop, turn, and appreciate your surroundings. Like nature, you have to nurture yourself.

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  1. This is a beautiful post, very elegantly written and the photos are just stunning x :)

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I don't indulge enough in fully-focused photography articles. I truly enjoyed writing this piece and I hope to write more.


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