Student Life | Five Times Being a Recluse Rocked.

Recently, I have been rather vocal on student life in general and being an advocate for the reclusive life when it comes to being a student. Life is one big learning curve and I like documenting my personal journey along that very curve. So please enjoy this dainty insight into the highs of life as a reclusive student.

You can take your time to excel in coursework.

Coursework is just as important as the concluding exams. The perky perfectionist in me is released from her cleanly cage and let loose to accentuate the closest to quintessential work that I can possible get without any distractions.

You can research and answer prior exam questions from day one.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

When you lead a reclusive lifestyle when you’re at your place of study, you have time – valuable time. Sinking my teeth into the clincher of past papers is an excellent brain teaser and good preparation for when the exams begin to creep from around the corner.

That moment when you realize you’re on top of work.

Or you’re ahead in the game of academia.

It’s an odd feeling. Was it the copious amounts of caffeine? Was it the mental moshing to motivational music? Did I accidentally inhale heavy water vapours and have now become the female embodiment of Flash? Who knows, but at least the work is out the way!

You can go to sleep at obscenely early times of the evening.


Netflix binges can occur without regret.

The novelty of a Netflix binge serving as a procrastination tool is lost when you lead the reclusive student life. The only time it becomes a procrastination tool is when I really am lost for words with a topic. Otherwise, they don’t intervene with work.

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