Christmas at No. 25.

Perhaps it is my slightly perfectionist personality but I’ve always been somewhat of a Scrooge until the Christmas season officially arrives. Whilst people decorated their houses in November and accordingly wearing novelty jumpers, I would say “bah humbug.” But now that Christmas approaches, it is fair to say that I – and my home  have officially embraced the festive spirit!

There is nothing quite like decorating the house whilst singing along to Christmas favourites. There’s also nothing quite like decorating a house with a cat in tow. My little terror, Belle, was – as always – intensely curious as I stumbled from the attic with humongous boxes clouding my vision and began dressing the banisters, walls, and windows in various fluorescent colours. 

But it is always when I construct the tree that my darling feline decides to get more involved. This year, Belle decided to camp out in the tree's nesting box to watch me painfully try to balance myself on my sofa and wrap lights as well as hang baubles. But her amusement ceased as I wrapped her in a piece of tinsel for our annual "Christmas Cat" photo.

It's wonderful to come home to a cosy setting filled with warm lighting, festive feeling, and a cup of hot chocolate that is waiting to be drunk whilst sitting by the fire and watching a Christmas film. 

I've never been too festive with my clothing aside from the odd sport of reindeer ears and Santa hats but this year, I searched high and low for some Christmas attire which I found at in the form of a dress emblazoned with the famous quote from Home Alone.

I can say that I am officially ready for Christmas!

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  1. Your Christmas decorations look lovely! Decorating always puts me in a festive mood :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I agree, once the decorations are routed out their hiding place in the attic, you can't help but feel festive. :)


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