Christmas with the Clan at No.25.

Christmas came so quickly and ran it's festive little backside off just as quick and now it's time to prepare for New Year shenanigans. But first, let's have a nostalgic look at what Christmas was like at my humble, Hobbit Hole!

Sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. We take things for granted.

But Christmas has never been something I've taken for granted in recent years.

To some people in this society, the shower of presents I received would be "nothing" to them. Like a small speck. But to me, every gift means something. And especially this year, I was overwhelmed by the gift I'd been given - security. The security that Christmas would happen. That it would occur in a warm house filled with people laughing, clinking glasses and savouring the feast that would be served.

I'm truly thankful every single day to have such wonderful and loving family and friends. It's a tad more difficult to voice that gratitude but it nevertheless is ever present. I don't deserve to be spoiled so much! But I was so happy to spend Christmas with my favourite people. And I truly hope you felt the very same way too.

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