I Said Goodbye to the Rapunzel Hair!

Like every year, we prompt ourselves with the incentive that this year will be different. This year we will make changes – to our lifestyle, to our mentality, to ourselves in general – whether the latter is emotional or physical. 

However, for me, this year has consisted of a change that perhaps has been both good and bad. From emotional trauma to mountains of work, I haven’t done too much with myself this year that has been for me in a positive sense. Change has always scared me. It’s something different, unknown, and unpredictable in result and can alternate in its effect. 

So I decided, after all the struggles that 2015 had handed me, I would throw caution to the wind and do something that is a different.

Say goodbye to the Rapunzel hair.

It doesn’t sound crazy, wild or even a big change but to someone who has avoided the hairdressers and cutting their hair for eight years, it’s quite a scary thing to do! My rich brunette locks were effectively nearing my backside with inches and inches of dead hair that would always just be tied up into a bun and stay there like a dead thing on my head. Perhaps, it's cliché to feel the need for a change when in times of strife and struggle, but I wanted a change - and a very big one at that!

I took to Twitter to ask your opinion on whether to say goodbye to the long locks of hair upon my head and welcome a revitalized 'do of dramatic effect and after many suggestions, from both you lovely readers and hair salons, I booked myself an appointment and got thinking!

So what did I go for? I've always been envious of my mother's burgundy, snappy and fierce, block fringe bob. I so desperately wanted to say goodbye to my natural colour too and welcome a vibrant red or blue but I thought I was extending myself a little too far for this beginner stage. So, instead, I said hello to a little-longer-than-a-bob 'do!

It was terrifying and I was on the verge of mental tears as I saw approximately eight inches fall to my feet but do you know what, I'm so happy I did it!

Changes don't have to be or seem huge to anyone but you, because giving yourself a long-overdue dose of TLC is what you need.

Say hello to the new me, so to say!

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  1. Wow, I love your new hair! That fringe suits you so much! X



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