Merry Christmas!

The panic of last-minute shoppers amidst the soothing tones of Christmas carols can be heard. The scent of delicious food preparation can be smelt. Houses crowded with the clans from near and far can be seen huddled in the living room. Yes, lovely readers, it's Christmas Eve.

And guess what? I may have gone a little bit red just for the season!
(Thank you, Superdrug, for the festive hairspray!)

As always, I've only just found myself in the complete festive spirit and the little girl in me is far too excited to spend another Christmas with her wonderful family. I will be taking a few days off to enjoy the company of the most special people in my life and, yes, revel in copious amounts of food and good wine.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas 
and remember, don't be stingy with spoiling both yourself 
and all the nearest and dearest people in your life.

Lots of love from the clan at No.25!


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  1. I hope you had a lovely time Tammy, you deserve it for all your hard work x


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