December 02, 2015

My Intimate Poetry: Lost.

We are lost. ― Tammy-Louise Wilkins.

I pray for the day,
When this pain seeps away.
Nothing left, nothing kept,
No more tears to be wept.

I’m a sinner by day,
I’m a sinner by night,
I’m a sinner awaiting the day,
I might do something right.

I’m a sinner with mercy,
I’m a sinner that loathes impurity,
I wish for the day that my skin be cleansed,
I long for the day I can slip into obscurity.

I see the monsters,
You and I – we are all monsters here.
We cannot stray from sin,
For which I am condemned to live in fear.

I’m a sinner haunted,
Shadows trail in my wake.
They await the day that I be trembling,
To torture me until the last shard of my compassion does break.

A sinner at birth,
A sinner at death,
I cannot survive this battle.
So I shall take my last breath.

Take me into the shadows,
Let me rest in peace,
Let this sinner be a sinner no more,
Let this agony cease.

2015 © Tammy-Louise Wilkins

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  1. This is, like all your work, Tammy, a phenomenal and beautiful piece of writing and poetry Xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing works, greatly appreciated. Another beautiful post!


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