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The warm voice of Andy Williams serenades the festive spirit with the utterance that it's the most wonderful time of the year but for students, it's the season for searching desperately for budget-friendly gifts. The bright side to this horrifying last-minute dilemma is that the wonderful thing called the Internet has come to the rescue with perfect gifts that are, indeed, perfect for the student budget which is exactly why I'm here today.

Ever since launching The Life of the Live. Love. Laugh. Girl. in 2012, I have been on a quest to discover memorabilia with the famous quote in my arrangement. After almost four years of searching for anything printed with 'Live Love Laugh,' I finally discovered it earlier this year.

Cool Clothes @ Cool Prices for Cool People

FIVEPOUNDTEE is a revolutionary, current and intimate online store based in London that tailor quintessential customer service and idiosyncratic clothing starting at the price of - you guessed it - £5. Instead of focusing on impression, they specialize in the art of expression through classical simplicity. 

I was enthralled by their close-knit relationship with their customers and the fact they explore their ideas as well as their own. From my experience with them, they are not a generic company but a company that looks to rejuvenate the life into fashion with their happening and quickly designs.

After purchasing the Live Love Laugh tee, I found myself very lucky to do a feature for the brand and what better time to release it than at the critical moment of the festive season?

 FIVEPOUNDTEE understand and create the perfect balance between comfortable and flexible for its wearer. The simplicity of the tee is what really grabs me - it isn't bold, it doesn't clutch you by the throat with its design. No, it is a subtle and classical tee. 

For someone as petite as me, I wasn't quite sure if the tee would fit me but surprisingly, it is perfect for me. Whether I'm crashing on the sofa with a cuppa or nestled in the library under a pile of work, the Live Love Laugh tee is both flexible in body type and activity.

FIVEPOUNDTEE provide a monochrome filter that is perfectly complimented by my darkened, bodily tones and cosmetic compliance. To attest to my slightly stereotypical indie look, I added a Beechfield beanie. Now, I'm not one for hats but, admittedly, I am partial to a warm beanie and it matches wonderfully with FIVEPOUNDTEE's Live Love Laugh tee.

The brand are perfect for that friend, sibling, or partner that loves to give those metaphorical boundaries a push with this modern take on society. I have far more products from this store and I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to have them on the blog and that I implore you to investigate their site and pick something out! Their delivery is swift, quick and efficient so even the most last minute purchase is okay!

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